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5 Curmore, Radley, OX14 2AZ


  • Delivering Unravelled Experience

    We make sure we listen to your requirements and delivered the unique experience you are looking for through stunning and excellently built properties As a developer of luxury homes we ai m to meet your needs by factoring in all your personal requirements as we build your home to your specific needs

  • Our Values

    We take time to plan every intricate detail inside and out in order to deliver our homes with precision. Our passion is to deliver stunning and luxurious living that will surpass the expectations of our customers. From building materials, architectural design, interior decorating, sophisticated appliances, modern home technologies, we work to ensure that each step is ...

  • How we do it

    In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for accommodation, we specialize in land procurement which can range from : Private plots of land Developable greenfield land that has been allocated for development by town councils Brownfield land that will aid in regeneration and improvement of towns and cities Change of use of land from other uses ...

  • Pleroma Property Solutions(PPS)

    Pleroma Property Solutions  are driven by precision, passion and perfection. We  focus on luxury living. In order to bring about custom designed living for individual and family needs, we focus on customized developments which take into consideration customer’s specific needs. By understanding our customer’s requirements, our aim is to develop a range of sophisticated  properties to ...